Monday, December 31, 2007

Nov-Dec 2007 quick recap..

GEEZ! It's been 6 damn long months since I last updated. Blame it on my job.. "work has kidnapped my social life." That's the truth! :P

Anyway, I skipped October coz nothing interesting happened except for one of my friends is engaged on her 25th birthday (how sweet). Congrats! All the best in your future~

3rd- Finally, I bought new rims for my car! It took me a few weeks to decide whether I should choose a set of new 16" cheap Advan Racing RG (imitation) 'gold' rims for RM1500, or new 17" LENSO Samurai (original) hyper-black rims for RM1700. The issue was between a cheaper light imitation rims or a slightly heavier and expensive original rims. After many days and nights of considerations, I've decided to take the LENSO Samurai because..
(1) original rims,
(2) the latest model from LENSO (Oct' 2007), and
(3) I believe no one has bought them yet (at least, in Kedah, where I live)
I tried to get Advan Neova tires but weren't available at that time, so I had to settle for Bridgestone MY01 tires. Basically, I was afraid of having bigger rims could somehow make the tires touch the wheel arches when I turn the car but since the mechanics knocked the wheel arches inwards, the tires didn't make any contact with them even when I tested cornering fast or even going over road bumps afterwards. To summarize the whole agenda, here's what I spent for my new rims..
(1) Rims = RM1700
(2) Tires = RM250 x 4tires = RM1000
(3) Nuts + Center piece + Adjustables + alignments & balancing = +RM800
TOTAL = RM3500

28th- I got the phone that I wanted! The Nokia E61i (Nokia E-Series), new original set bought for RM1700 at the Maxis Centre here in Star Parade, Alor Star. Originally, I was aiming for HTC S630 Cavalier which never came here at all.. but what I got was even better than what I expected. Apart from knowing it's an upgrade from the previous E61 model - the E61i has a camera (at the back), it's no longer a single tone silver colour like the E61 since E61i has a mocha-ish side frame which is apparently more eye-catching in my opinion. I will write an in-depth review on this phone in one dedicated post in the future, mainly on the things you might not know what this phone can actually do. (For an example, do you guys know that this phone can be used as an online Webcam? I used it many times on Yahoo @ Windows Live Messenger already. Totally awesome!)

Two days later, I bought the leather case in Gurney Plaza, Penang, for RM95 (CAPDASE brand) and a very good E61i screen protector for RM20.

8th- Got a new steering wheel for my ride, bought it 2nd-hand from one of the WiraOwnersClub members, Fred, for RM250 (including a boss-kit and the courier charge). Honestly, I would prefer an original MOMO steering but seems that it's so common nowadays, I decided to get something different, hence the look and the brand - Autotecnica (3-spokes, with carbon-fibre look, 2 nitros-oxide-wannabe horn buttons).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feb-Sept 2007 quick recap..

Due to hectic schedule and enormous amount of work (plus personal trips now and then), I've been so lazy to blog. Forgive my long disappearance, my blog hasn't been that interesting anyways.. :P

Ok then, let's see what has happened these past few months..

ME and Elle. (and her officemate as the camerawoman)2ndI took a few days off from work, decided to spend time in KL. Arrived late at 6pm, tired and sleepy, but I had a quick dinner with my gud old 'senior' friend, Elle and her officemate. It's our 1st meet up since we became friends for many years (since she was in MMU and now already graduated and working!). Really exhausted but managed to have fun with them.

15th - Registered at KWSP.
26th - FINALLY, I did my MyKad. LOL!! (denda RM10 only maa..)

4th - Kak Zila starts working at AAa.
ME and Kak Zila in the office.
8th - Abg Junaidi starts working at AAa.
23rd - Bought a Promote hood (very hard fibre material) from ZeroToHundred forumer, Mr. Camm for RM330, shipping cost included.
the Promote hood, very hard fibre material..

10th - I got my MyKad, yeah!! LOL.
21st - Spray-painted and installed my new Promote hood, total RM240.
My Promote hood, now matches with my Promote2 bumper.. yeah!
23rd - Anis starts working at AAa.

9th - Bought a very rare Blizt Voice-Guide Turbo Timer (VGTT) for RM220.

21st - Straightened and rebonded my awful split-ends dry hair for a very nice discount price RM190! Plus 1 bottle of the hair treatment oil for RM35. Total = RM225.

28th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.. (check out the Bulldog Mansion's "Happy Birthday To Me" animation/song, it's at my most viewed post)


4th-6th - Company holiday trip!! Cameron Highlands was the place and it was an amazing experience for everyone!! We stayed at the Marina Chalet & Homestay situated in Tanah Rata. All of us (16adults and 3kids) stayed in 4 rooms, the food was prepared by the chalet owner (even the chicken barbaque for dinner too!). We went to the BOH Tea Centre, the Honey Bee Farm, MARDI (the flowers and plants were so beautiful!), the Strawberry Farm, we even had our morning jogs and evening walks around Tanah Rata, Brinchang, and Ringlet.
BOH Tea Centre.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January activities..

4th - 1st time buying car parts from the ZeroToHundred / LowYatNet forum - the latest MUGEN TwinLoop muffler (with added bullet design), from Bro Weng, for RM470. Paid online, he couriered a few days later. If you guys wanna read more on my feedback of this fantastic item I bought, click [here].

13th - Went to my usual favourite car shop in Gurun to install my new muffler. Due to my old rusted stock pipings, I had to change the whole exhaust system in order to maximize the best usage of muffler. In short, the installations (the MUGEN muffler itself + new 2inches pipings + new bullet pipe + new 4-2-1 extractor) costs a total of RM530, and that was a discounted price.

26th - Again, bought another item for the car but this time it's maintenance purposes. D'Carbo - "The Original Carbon Cleaner". I bought two bottles for RM90 at the LowYatNet forum from Bro Yong Fei. Let me explain in the best way I can regarding this D'Carbo thingy.. when you drive your car, carbon is produced and exits thru the exhaust. Although some might still be in the system, clogging the flow our your exhaust/engine, you might not realised it's damaging your car's performance. Most of us send our cars to overhaul that takes thousands of ringgit when all you could have done is decarbonise your car yourself for only a few ringgit! It's really simple! I managed to do it in less than an hour! And the best part of it, the car's engine and performance felt totally like brand new afterwards!